Aberglasney Gardens
Everything grown in the vegetable garden goes straight into the café when it is harvested, and what is not used there is sold at the shop.
Bryngarw House & Country Park
Get on your bike! There are some 20 miles of cycle paths through and beyond the 113 acres of Bryngarw Country Park that connect to the nearby Garw and Ogmore Valleys.
Cwmdonkin Park
The very tall pencil sculpture in Cwmdonkin Park is a tribute to the talent of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, but can you see what it is cleverly carved from?
Margam Country Park
The restored 100m long Margam Orangery, is the longest in Britain. Look out, too, for the row of skulls on the front – put there to ward off evil spirits.
Penllergare Valley Woods
The first photograph of the moon was taken in 1857 from the Observatory at Penllergare. Discover the magical ‘lost’ gardens as they are slowly being uncovered and restored.
Scolton Manor
Fancy peeking inside a beehive? Well now you can with the spy-in-the-hive camera at Scolton Manor, then into the ‘honey kitchen’ to see the golden harvest.
Colby Woodland Garden
Meander through the orchid-filled wildflower meadow at Colby Woodland Garden, then it’s just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous little beach at Amroth.

Days Out...

Flower power

From tiny bulbs to champion trees, try our year round floral feast


Wildlife encounters

Be amazed by what’s flying, buzzing, flitting, snuffling and swimming around you


Woodland play and adventure

Natural playscapes offer lively outdoor fun – for all ages


Discover history

Soak up the past so fascinatingly embedded in our landscapes and buildings


Watery wonders

Be refreshed by our lakes, pools, rivers, streams and waterfalls


Learn all about it

Find out the stories behind the sights you see today


Plan your trip

Our seven One Historic Gardens stretching along the south and west coastline of Wales are all easily accessible from major roads with many just a short hop off the M4. Click on the view map to find your best route.