Inspire me

Come and explore the amazingly diverse gardens, parks and landscapes of South and West Wales. Here you can discover exciting wildlife, stride out for invigorating walks and linger in gracious gardens. Relive history, learn fieldcraft skills, chase butterflies or swing across a stream. Or you could just sit and listen to the bird song!

Discover history

Trace the varied past of South and West Wales from medieval ruins to the might of the industrial age – the legacy that is left is now a mellow mélange of delight.

Flower power

From spring bulbs to blowsy summer roses, jewel-coloured autumn leaves to rugged trees in winter, savour year round delights in the dynamic gardens of South Wales.

Learn all about it

Want a day out with a bit more to it? There’s a wealth of fascinating information to be gleaned in our gardens and parks, with plays, weekend courses and guided talks and walks.

Watery wonders

Soak in the abundance of water in our South and West Wales gardens. It may sit in limpid pools, rush over waterfalls, or ripple along streams, but it always stamps its individual look on each garden.

Wildlife encounters

Experience wonderful encounters with nature in our parks, gardens and woodlands, from twilight walks with bats to seeing the secrets of the hive.

Woodland play and adventure

Kids’ stuff that adults love too, from swinging across a stream to whittling wood round a campfire. There’s fun for all in our wild and wonderful landscapes and parks.