Scolton Manor

 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
 Scolton Manor
Key things... Victorian atmosphere, farm animals, restoring the old walled garden, the steam engine, activities, tea room, beehives

To the manor born? Turn back the clock and discover the Victorian age of gracious living in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

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Step back in time at Scolton Manor in Pembrokeshire: enter the manor house, explore its 60 acres of park and woodland, and experience life on a Victorian country estate. Follow the progress of the walled kitchen garden, which is slowly being restored to its former glory and can already boast that 19th century 'must-have' – a heated pineapple house. Come and see the newly opened apiary, watch the extraction process being performed in the Honey Kitchen and don't forget to purchase some Scolton Manor honey in the gift shop before you leave. 

Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Given the choice of upstairs or downstairs in any country house, it's nearly always the downstairs that wins – it’s so much more interesting to see how the scullery maid spent her days! Built in 1842, Scolton Manor, outside Haverfordwest, is a typical genteel country house and packed full of the type of labour saving gadgets the Victorians loved. Come and marvel at Victorian knife cleaning machines, marmalade cutters, apple peelers or an 1880s washing machine. You'll either be amazed at their ingeniousness, or very thankful you weren't a Victorian servant. 
Wildlife Hide And Seek
Hunker down in one of Scolton Manor’s specially constructed hides and, with luck, you’ll enjoy a memorable woodland bird show. You’ll probably hear the great spotted woodpecker before you see it, drumming on trees up to 600 times a day to advertise its presence – fortunately woodpeckers have shock-absorbent tissue between bill and skull! Look also for plump nuthatches and speckly brown treecreepers living up to their names as they climb trunks. A variety of bat species make their home at Scolton Manor, too, emerging at dusk to hunt moths, beetles, flies and spiders: brown long-eared bats with their broad wings and tail are experts at slow, hovering flight, with the occasional steep dive for a change. Contact the site for news of future evening bat walks.

Opening hours

April–October: daily, 9am–6pm
November–March: 9am–4:30pm

Manor House and Stables:
April–October: daily, 10.30am–5.30pm (last admission 4.30pm)

Tea room: seven days a week


Park and woodland: £1.00 car parking
Manor House and Stables: Adult £2.00, concession £1.50, child £1.00


£1.00 car parking

Contact details

Scolton Manor
SA62 5QL
01437 731457 (park)
01437 731328 (museum)



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